ACCREDITAT accreditation is a division of Training Issues Ltd, an international learning and development body. Underpinning all that we do is the principle of 'Excellence via Competence'.

Training Issues has worked successfully for over 10 years with many enterprises throughout the world, helping them with a wide range of learning and development strategies, assessment and accreditation. As a result, the Training Issues team have built an enviable reputation for high standards and quality, customer experience excellence and getting it right first time.

During this time, over 90% of the work that Training Issues has been involved in has been with personnel whose first language is not English. In one recent accreditation project alone, we needed to take account of 8 separate Asian languages when carrying out our accreditation work. Thus, over 10 years plus, the majority of materials and documentation designed, developed and accredited has been geared specifically to those who use English as a second or foreign language.

As a result of our lengthy experience gained in accrediting international courses with an extensive ELT content, and accrediting Training companies, we now feel that we should also offer this accreditation service to independent TEFL/TESOL Providers who are willing to meet the high accreditation standards set by ACCREDITAT. You can view the ACCREDITAT Standards on the Standards and Evidence page.

However, as you explore this site, you will see that we offer more than just accreditation. ACCREDITAT, though a separate division, follows the same ethos as Training Issues: customer experience excellence in a lifelong partnership. And it has access to Training Issues’ extensive knowledge and skills bank. Thus, we can add a number of important benefits that other accreditation companies cannot, as you will see as you read further through this site.

So, who’s who?

Accreditation Advisory Team

All TEFL/TESOL Provider and Training Provider accreditation is ratified by the Accreditation Advisory Team:

Jim Brown, Chief Advisor: A former senior Civil Servant, Jim has represented the UK Government in Europe and Asia. He was invited by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office to join the Charter Mark Accreditation Scheme and played a key role in its policy development and in its ongoing success. During this period, he and his colleagues accredited a wide-ranging list of enterprises, including schools and colleges. Jim is a renowned accreditation expert and focuses his time on advising and guiding selected businesses such as ACCREDITAT in all aspects of accreditation. We are delighted to have him on board and we benefit greatly from his unparalleled accreditation knowledge and experience.

Tom Greenan, Learning and Development Advisor: After teaching English for several years in a secondary school in Scotland, Tom spent over 6 years teaching English and teacher training in Africa on a British Government aid scheme. During this time he was also a moderator of the Cambridge examinations for the Zambian Government. This was followed by another 4 years of TEFL/TESOL in Europe and Asia. After working in the business learning and development area for several years, he has spent the last 10 years accrediting international business courses and modules with a large ELT content, written in English but specifically developed for personnel where English is not their first language. Tom’s mix of skills and experience enables him to contribute in-depth to any area of TEFL/TESOL and Training accreditation.

Scott Corbett, Quality Assurance Advisor: Scott is a quality assurance expert and had had lengthy experience in ISO 9001 and quality assurance strategies with an extensive, international range of enterprises. He recently completed a large project assisting a renowned College in Singapore to set up an accredited assessment centre funded by the Singapore Government, and he also guided them to achieve ISO 22222 accreditation.

The Accreditation Advisory Team is well supported by two support teams – one for TEFL/TESOL Provider accreditation and one for Training Provider accreditation.

Accreditation Advisory Support Team for TEFL/TESOL Provider Accreditation

Our Advisory Support Team for TEFL/TESOL includes well-experienced TEFL/TESOL teachers who are actively engaged in TEFL/TESOL teaching/design on the international stage at this moment. We believe that this ‘working-on-the-job’ approach gives us invaluable feedback not only for accreditation purposes but also for assisting our ACCREDITAT Providers with course design. They are:

Pamela Urquhart: A fully qualified teacher in Scotland, Pamela moved to the Middle East and has been a TEFL/TESOL teacher there for several years.

Kari Kutchmarek: Having taught in USA Government schools, Kari then moved into the TEFL/TESOL arena in Europe for several years. She now delivers TEFL/TESOL courses in the Americas.

Martin Greenan: Having taught TEFL/TESOL for a number of years in Spain, France and other European arenas, Martin also has invaluable experience in delivering TEFL/TESOL to business personnel within a wide range of international  businesses. In addition to his TEFL/TESOL work, Martin also runs a very successful translation business at Tip-Top Translations, where his perceptive and profound use of the English Language is also put to good use.

Mark Summers: Based in the Middle East, Mark produces a wide range of journalistic pieces in English, on a daily basis, for readers for whom English is a second or foreign language.

John Tan: John has delivered TEFL/TESOL courses for a number of years in 10 different countries in Asia.

Accreditation Advisory Support Team for Training Provider Accreditation

Our Advisory Support Team for Training Provider accreditation includes:

Callum Strachan

Joanne Dawson

John Venables

All of these have lengthy and extensive experience in learning and development strategies, assessment and accreditation on an international basis. They have worked on projects in all corners of the world. Needless to say, they are also very well qualified in all aspects of learning and development and accreditation. All of them have been Trainers and Training Managers, which is a necessary precondition for this role.

UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers)

ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351.
Registration on the UKRLP means that we have been verified against a recognised legal source.