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UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers)

ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351.
Registration on the UKRLP means that we have been verified against a recognised legal source.

If you have already looked at the About Us and the Clients pages (you should have!) you will have a good feel now for our international accreditation credentials and the added strength given to us by Training Issues Ltd, the high quality, international learning and development enterprise. ACCREDITAT is a division of Training Issues.

Your prospective employers will trawl through these same site materials and they too will realise the strength of ACCREDITAT accreditation and the demanding process that your TEFL/TESOL Provider had to go through to achieve accreditation.

They will want to see your certificate(s). Your TEFL/TESOL Provider will present you with their certificate but it is wise and critical that you also have an additional certificate issued by ACCREDITAT as the accrediting body. Why?

Well, there are a huge number of TEFL Providers offering TEFL courses. Unfortunately, some of these are not of high quality. Recruiters are sometimes unsure as to whether a TEFL Provider is of high quality. Having an additional certificate from the accrediting body, ACCREDITAT, helps to put the recruiter's mind at ease during the recruitment process. In addition, we are happy to confirm to them that your TEFL Provider is of high quality.

 Helping You: Obtaining Your ACCREDITAT Certificate in pdf format

1. Your first step is to arrange your course with your TEFL/TESOL Provider, accredited by ACCREDITAT. Your Provider will give you details about ACCREDITAT and how to register with us.

2. Complete a Registration Form online on the Register With Us page.

3. At the same time as you complete the Registration Form, you need to forward us your Student Registration Fee to cover the registration and certification service. The fee not only includes the printing and sending of the certificate but also registration with us and moderation. This can be paid via PayPal or debit/credit card by using the PayPal facility. .You can view the fee on the Student Registration Fees page.

4. Your TEFL/TESOL Provider will inform us when you have completed your course successfully. We will then forward your pdf ACCREDITAT Certificate to you without delay.

Helping You: Additional Benefits

It is critical for us that you have a continuing and excellent customer experience. So, how can we help you?

1. As stated above, we can provide you with a good quality ACCREDITAT Certified Certificate in pdf format. Even although your TEFL/TESOL Provider will present you with its certificate after completing your course successfully, we believe that it is critical to have the additional ACCREDITAT Certificate. This will confirm in your prospective employer’s mind the quality of your TEFL/TESOL Provider and the quality of the course you have completed.

2. Students who register with us and pay the fee for an ACCREDITAT Certificate have access to our free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) materials once they have completed their accredited course successfully. Your accredited TEFL/TESOL Provider will prepare you well for your role as a teacher. Your next important step after that is likely to be your application for a post. If you feel you need any help with CV construction and/or an email covering letter once you have completed your accredited course successfully, we have free CPD materials which will make it easier for you. The CV materials have been specially designed for ACCREDITAT Certificated Students by Interview Crest, one of the UK's leading Job Interview Skills and CV Writing specialists.

Our choice of free materials comes from Student feedback and the experience of our Accreditation Advisory Support Team teachers presently teaching TEFL/TESOL overseas. There is a bit more about these free materials on the Free CPD Materials page.

The feedback we have received from this CPD activity has been excellent.

3. To help you, and to serve as a good reminder, we have developed our own ACCREDITAT Code of Practice for Teachers. Several Codes abound but we feel that ours hits the mark for TEFL/TESOL and will serve you well. You can read a bit more about this on the Code of Practice for Teachers page. This free CPD document is only available to ACCREDITAT Certificated Students, i.e those Students who have registered with us, have paid the fee for an ACCREDITAT Certificate, and have completed their course successfully.

4. ACCREDITAT keeps in contact with its registered Students by email from time to time, whilst they are in their post. We don’t see our job finished once we issue you with your ACCREDITAT Certificate. You will have us to ‘talk to’ as well as your Provider. Your feedback on how things are progressing is invaluable for us, your Provider and for future Students, just as you have benefitted from feedback from past Students. If we can help you in any way whilst you are in your post, just let us know.

5. You may decide to stay in your post for one or a number of years. When you are in situ or contemplating return, you will need to consider whether you need any further skills development for your next steps in employment. This could be, for example, interview skills, CV preparation, team leadership, management training etc. ACCREDITAT can help you with this via our access to Training Issues’ vast learning and development activity bank, if you wish. This help will be offered at special reduced rates and these rates are only for ACCREDITAT Certificated Students. Just let us know at

6. Finally, some help to keep your language skills fine-tuned and vibrant. Here are some excellent and selective offerings from the web which you should find useful in your role. We'll add to these from time to time so keep an eye out on this page.

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Let us know if you need any more helpful websites/blogs like these. Contact us at