TEFL/TESOL Register With Us

ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), No. 10065351. Registration on the UKRLP means that we have been verified against a recognised UK legal source.

Register here for your ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format. Please read these notes carefully:

1. The ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format, formerly known as the ACCREDITAT Certified Certificate in pdf format, is only available to those students who have completed a course with a TEFL/TESOL Provider who is accredited by ACCREDITAT.

2. The additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format is not an academic certificate, as we did not provide your course. Its critical value is that it confirms that student A took the TEFL/TESOL course B which was accredited by ACCREDITAT

As a result, no TEFL/TESOL recruiter or school will doubt your TEFL/TESOL certification. They can contact us if they require additional confirmation of your certification. Thus, it is wise to have an ACCREDITAT 
Confirmation Document in pdf format.

3. We do not issue hard copies (paper copies) of our ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format. They are all in pdf format.

What to do, to receive your ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document

Do the following 3 activities on the same date:

1. Send us your completed registration form (form below)

2. Pay the GBP 20 fee for each 
ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format at: https://www.accreditat.com/tefl-tesol-students/student-registration-fees.html. If you do not have a PayPal Account, you can pay by debit/credit card via the PayPal card facility without joining PayPal.

3. Send us a copy of your TEFL/TESOL certificate(s).

We will be unable to deal with your application if activities 1-3 above are not carried out on the same date.

Completing the Registration Form below

Please complete the registration details below. Note:

1. Please enter your name details carefully - this is the name which will appear on your ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format. 

2. Note that we do not add these titles to your Confirmation Document in pdf format: Ms, Miss, Mrs or Mr.

3. The Confirmation Document in pdf format will be sent to the email address you enter, unless we are advised of any change by email before we send it.

4. Once you have completed your registration details, please go right away to the 
Student Registration Fees page to arrange payment by PayPal or debit/credit card for your Confirmation Document in pdf format.

5. The Fee is GBP 20.

6. We will email your Confirmation Document within 4 weeks from receipt of:

  • Your registration form
  • Your payment of GBP 20
  • A copy of your TEFL/TESOL certificate
If you have not heard from us after 4 weeks have elapsed, please contact us via email at info@accreditat.com.

7. If you lose or destroy your Confirmation Document and wish to have a duplicate, the fee you paid originally will be charged.